Innovative VR gaming platform for patients care management & rehabilitation
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Virleki is the project for creating a virtual reality medical gaming platform for diagnostic and rehabilitation of patients with different neurological disorders based on patent-pending method

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Project History

  • Timeline VR health


    Our first win

    VR Health has received the Grand Prix of the 10th Social Weekend Contest (Minsk, Belarus).

  • Maryenko Iryna


    Be innovative

    Virleki project won the “Republican competition of entrepreneurial ideas IPM”.

  • Registration of patent


    Scientific development

    The approbation of the method on the athletes of the difficult coordination sports.

  • ICVR

    ICVR 2019

    Be on international events

    Attendance in international conference on virtual rehabilitation

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    Of Our

Project Background

VR technology has been used for more than 20 years to support medical training, to improve clinical interventions, and to promote health & wellness.

VR games are becoming a tool for active rehabilitation of patients with various diseases.

Successful integration of VR in medicine, sport, psychology and rehabilitation demonstrated great potential of this technology VR technology and the possibilities for carrying out complex and safe researches

The Product

Platform Features List

  • Tracking of testing results.
  • Tracking of training results.
  • Comparison of archived results.
  • Calculation of basic indicators of balance function, visualization of course progress statistics.
  • Sending obtained data to neurologist for tracking patient progress with the possibility of receiving medical recommendations and feedbacks.
  • Accumulation and analysis of the obtained data for the future development of the product.
  • Creation of a user profile.

The patent-pending method abilities

  • The method is able to improve the quality of balance function evaluation, to reveal its latent disorders and phenotypic features, both in healthy patient and in patients with diseases of central nervous system in virtual reality on based on the quantitative indicators of the displacement of the postural axis, which will allow the development of an individual program with biological feedbacks.
    The above mentioned method can be in used both in clinical and sports medicine.

Our Events

ICVR 2019 Conference

Virkeli were given the opportunity to present the results of research, as well as the author's methodology for recovery of balance function in virtual reality at the international conference ICVR 2019 Conference. It was a great opportunity for us. We experienced great pleasure attending the conference, met with colleagues and exchanged views on rehabilitation in virtual reality.

Our Amazing Team

Mikhail Yurchanka

CEO, co-founder

Executive officer with over 10 years of experience in game development: Time of Dragons (published by Steam), Drunk of Dead (VR game) and other titles.

CEO, co-founder

Iryna Maryenko

Chief Science Officer, founder

PhD in Medicine, neurologist of the highest category, leading expert in diagnostics and treatment of vestibular dysfunction, the author of 4 patents and over 50 scientific publications.

Business Development Manager

Mikita Susha

Business Development Manager, co-founder

Business development executive with over 10 years of experience in game development: Time of Dragons (published by Steam), Drunk of Dead (VR game) and other titles.

Technology executive

Artsem Kachanouski


Technology executive with over 6 years of experience in game development: Time of Dragons (published by Steam), Drunk of Dead (VR game) and other titles.

Talented 3D artist

Yevgeny Ivanitsky

Lead 3D artist

Talented 3D artist working in game development.


Marie Mozheiko


Great physiotherapist with a lot of experience in different projects.


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